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Amityville Union Free School District
150 Park Avenue
Amityville, NY 11701


Central Administration
Dr. Edward Fale, Superintendent of Schools
(631) 565-6019
Dr. Joan Lange, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction
(631) 565-6037
Ms. Olivia Buatsi, Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations
(631) 565-6015
Dr. Bridgette Waite, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources
(631) 565-6024
Ms. Catherine Lang, Director of Data and Instructional Technology
(631) 565-6035
Mr. Peter Paternostro, Administrator for Pupil Personnel Services
(631) 565-6552
Ms. Virginia Figueroa, Assistant Administrator for Pupil Personnel Services and Special Education
(631) 565-6552
Mr. Evan Farkas, Director of Athletics, Physical Education and Health
(631) 565-6121
Ms. Angela Garcia, Director of English as a New Language and World Languages
(631) 565-6044
Dr. Fran Fernandez, Director of Fine Arts
(631) 565-6125
Mr. Frederick Metzger, Director of Facilities
(631) 565-6023
Dr. Stephanie Thomas, Director of Guidance
Transportation (631) 565-6021
School Lunch (631) 565-6573
Northeast Elementary School
Dr. Pauline Collins, Principal
Main Office (631) 565-6400
Nurse/Attendance (631) 565-6450
Northwest Elementary School
Ms. Kathleen Hyland, Principal
Ms. Sonia Rodrigo, Assistant Principal
Main Office (631) 565-6500
Nurse/Attendance (631) 565-6550
Park Avenue Memorial Elementary School
Mr. Edward Plaia, Principal
Ms. Denise Graham, Assistant Principal
Main Office (631) 565-6300
Nurse/Attendance (631) 565-6350
Edmund W. Miles Middle School
Ms. Rose Hutcherson, Acting Principal
Ms. Lurdez Berrios, Assistant Principal
Mr. Paul Duguay, Assistant Principal
Main Office (631) 565-6200
Guidance Office (631) 565-6206
Nurse/Attendance (631) 565-6250
Amityville Memorial High School
Ms. Mary Stephens, Principal
Dr. John Cardone, Assistant Principal
Ms. Natasha Lim, Dean of Students
Mr. Kenneth Coard, Acting Assistant Principal 
Main Office (631) 565-6100
Guidance Office (631) 565-6101
Nurse (631) 565-6150
Attendance (631) 565-6102
Friday, March 24, 2023