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Health Services

A registered nurse, who provides a variety of health screening services and administers first aid, staffs each school in the Amityville UFSD. School nurses maintain health histories for all children in the building. It is important that parents/guardians keep the health office informed of any changes in a child’s health.



School nurses are able to administer medications, including over-the-counter medications, only with the receipt of a doctor’s prescription. If it becomes necessary for a child to receive medication during school hours, parents/guardians must also provide the medication in its original container with affixed instructions. No school professional can make formal recommendations for medication. Please see your own health care professional for formal recommendations.


Proof of Immunizations

New York State and Federal law established regulations governing immunizations to protect school children from communicable diseases. All students must have these immunizations to continue to attend school and school-sponsored events. Parents/guardians are required to provide the school nurse with written proof of a child’s immunization against polio, Rubella (German Measles), Mumps, Diphtheria and Hepatitis B (three (3) doses for students born on or after 1/1/94). *Students could be excluded from school without the appropriate immunizations. Additionally, all entering kindergarten students must have a second Measles immunization given after 15 months of age to be considered fully registered in their home school.


Physical Examinations

New York State law requires a medical examination for all new entrants and children in kindergarten, first, third, seventh, and tenth grades. In September, proof of a physical and dental examination must be submitted to the school nurse. Children for whom there are no documented proof will be scheduled for a physical examination by the school doctor after the first week in October. Furthermore, students participating on an athletic team in grades 7-12 must receive a sports physical before tryouts or practice for any team.



In keeping with the McKinney-Vento Act and other applicable New York State statutes on the homeless, a parent/guardian of a homeless child should contact Central Registration for assistance and due process rights at (631) 225-4615.

Homeless/Unaccompanied Youth Registration Form (PDF) - This form is to be completed by persons meeting the definition of homeless or unaccompanied youth or who believe they are homeless or unaccompanied youth.

PLEASE NOTE: Lack of immunization documentation for homeless students should be discussed with Central Registration. In some cases, homeless students are protected from exclusions stated in the immunization guidelines.