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APTC (Amityville Parent-Teacher Council)

The Amityville Parent-Teacher Council’s goal is continued communication between the community and the public school with idea to involve parents, teachers and administration in the mutual goal of a good educational system all of the students.




    Mission Statement

    • To promote united effort among the school, home and community in attaining the highest advantage for the physical, mental, cultural and social development of every child in the Amityville Public Schools.
    • To function as Advocates of Public Education for the children of Amityville Public Schools.


    Contact Information

    Amityville Parent-Teacher Council (APTC)
    P. O. Box 35
    Amityville, NY 11701


    2016-2017 Officers

    Maresa Dealy, President
    Dina Shingleton, Vice President
    Rachele McCullough, Secretary
    Kimberly Bethea, Treasurer

    2016-2017 Parent Representatives

    AMHS Rep

    Susan Abate
    Lisa Carey
    Jenny Fraend

    EMMS Reps
    Eloise Abdullah
    Susan Heenan
    Dorothy Jackson
    Jennifer Slack

    PAMES Reps
    Heather Catron
    Jaisle Chester
    Ginger Lee
    Maria Troche

    NW Reps
    Holly Cregan
    Whitney McDonnell
    Maria Rodas

    NE Reps
    Faith McDonough-Robinson
    Rose Torres


    2016-2017 Events/Happenings

    September 12- Back to School Party @ Five Guys
    September 16- Family Resource Night
    October 27- Skating Party
    December 2- Sing-A-Long/ Giving Tree
    March 3- Supermarket Bingo
    March 16- Skating Party
    May 11- Meet the BOE Candidates Night
    June 12- Summer Kickoff Party @ Five Guys


    General Meetings/Locations

    Note: General Membership Meetings will be held at various school locations in the cafeteria. The General Membership Meetings will be at 7:00 p.m. The Executive Board will meet at 6:30 p.m. prior to the start of all General Membership Meetings.

    Sunday, June 25, 2017