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APTC Bowling Event Date Change

The APTC Bowling Event that was initially scheduled for October 30, 2019, has been moved to Saturday, November 9, 2019, from 10-12 pm. 

Kindergartners Show, Spell and Tell at Northeast

Kindergartners Show, Spell and Tell at Northeast photo thumbnail136410

Show and tell, a time-honored tradition in elementary school classrooms, just got a little more interesting in Amityville. Kindergartners at Northeast Elementary School are not only sharing their favorite items with their classmates, they are also writing about them and building their literacy skills.

For the Show and Tell unit in Writer’s Workshop, an initiative through Columbia University Teacher’s College, each student was asked to bring in three items that are meaningful. For the first assignment, children picked one object to draw and label. They became “brave spellers” by using their alphabet charts, the classroom word wall and labeled objects around the room to spell out words they didn’t know.

As the unit progresses, students will write full sentences and eventually craft full stories about these objects.

“It helps them enjoy writing more because it’s meaningful to them,” kindergarten teacher Renee Chandler said about having students use personal belongings as inspiration. “The pictures also come out better because they have something right in front of them.”

Ms. Chandler said this writing unit helps children expand their vocabulary in learning words to describe the look and feel of their objects. She said that the finished works will become part of their writing journals.  

Northwest Hispanic Heritage Celebration October 22, 2019

Northwest Elementary School will be hosting a Hispanic Heritage Celebration on October 22, 2019, at 6:00 pm.  All are encouraged to attend this exciting event.

Amityville UFSD Chain of Communication

The Amityville School District’s communication protocol helps to promote direct, open and respectful interactions so that problems and concerns can be worked out quickly and efficiently. The district encourages any and all questions from parents and residents regarding school matters. Phone numbers can be found on the district website,  Use the following link to access the Amityville UFSD Chain of Communication.



‘Ryan’s Story’ Brings Powerful Anti-Bullying Message to Amityville

‘Ryan’s Story’ Brings Powerful Anti-Bullying Message to Amityville photo thumbnail136111

On the 16th anniversary of a day that changed his life, John Halligan told students in the district a powerful story about his son, Ryan, who was bullied in school and took his own life. He spoke to sixth graders at Park Avenue Memorial Elementary School and seventh, eighth and ninth graders at Edmund W. Miles Middle School on Oct. 7.

“Ryan’s Story,” which has been presented at more than 2,000 schools across the country including the middle school three years ago, began with Mr. Halligan introducing students to Ryan through photos and videos. He then went on to tell the story of how Ryan was bullied in his Vermont middle school and the tragic consequences that resulted. Ryan was 13 when he died. Within a year, Mr. Halligan’s efforts resulted in a Vermont law establishing bullying prevention programs in schools. Many states, including New York, have followed suit.

His presentation had several core messages including suicide prevention, forgiveness and the role of bystanders in allowing bullying to happen. He encourages students to examine how they treat each other and apologize to someone they may have wrongly treated, and also reminds them that they are loved dearly. 

Middle school Principal Earl Mitchell explained that Mr. Halligan has taken a painful and tragic experience and turned it into a learning experience for others. He thanked Mr. Halligan for sharing his personal story with Amityville students.  

Middle school social worker Beatriz Offitto added that October is National Bullying Prevention Month and Mr. Halligan’s presentation is one of several character education initiatives, including unity day and mix-it-up day. She said the goal of these different activities are to encourage students to talk to others outside of their normal social circles, make new friends and foster a bully-free culture.   

Park Avenue sixth graders said the emotional presentation shined a light on bullying, and how it can manifest itself in several ways, including in person and over the computer. Jeffrey Lopez said he learned not to get involved in cyberbullying, while Ryan Daly said she hopes that Mr. Halligan’s words inspire her classmates to take action if they notice someone being bullied.

Nicholas Leon noted that Ryan was bullied a lot in middle school, and felt this presentation was important because he and his classmates are on the cusp of middle school. He said he expects Mr. Halligan’s messages to stick with him for years to come. Nasir Grant added that small insults can become bigger over time and a situation can get out of hand. He said no student should ever strive to make others miserable, but instead should treat his or her peers with kindness and respect.

Sunday, October 20, 2019